• Daphne de Jong

Rotation 3 is all done!

I just came back from the third rotation on Everest and... I'm tired but satisfied!

As I mentioned before, I was happy to leave Basecamp and get this rotation out of the way. Time couldn't pass soon enough and in order to make it pass faster, I did random things such as helping to fix the helicopter landing pad.

In the afternoon that day we got to hear we were leaving that night at 1am with the three people who'd go straight to Camp 2. The rest of the group went to Camp 1 first and met us a day later. We climbed all day on 2 liters of water and 2 gels hence we were pretty exhausted when we arrived in Camp 2 but all good. When we walked into the Camp, a huge avalanche hit the area and we started running uphill. Just a reminder of where we were. It was so hot during the day that it was impossible to be inside the tent and I hope my nose will forgive me at some point.

It turns out that the night the three of us arrived, a cyclone hit the camp. I haven't experienced such high winds before. My tent poles broke and I woke up with the tent on my face. It was still better to stay inside because of rocks flying around. I definitely had better nights! But ... The day after, the rest of the team arrived and the other 3 contingency days in Camp 2 were less bad.

Eventually we got to hear we were going to our High Camp 3 the next night. Our Camp 3 is quite a bit higher than other camps which is a benefit during the summit rotation, although it didn't feel like a huge benefit during this rotation. Camp 3 is located on the Lhotse face, which is the biggest ice wall I've seen so far, let alone climbed. It was an intense climb but I made it to the higher camp faster than expected. Some of the ice was too hard to get grip with crampons and front pointing seemed to be the only way to get up. It was definitely tiring and I was happy to be back in Camp 2 after the gnarly Camp 3 experience.

Now I'm back in Basecamp. The entire team has developed some form of the Khumbu cough and I didn't know I'd ever say this, but I'm happy to have some rest days in Basecamp before our last rotation.. the summit rotation! I'm quite nervous and am pretty much over analyzing every section but I'm sure this will be a very exciting time!

Finally, I'd love to share more photos and videos but the options are a bit limited from here. I'll try to send an update before the summit rotation.


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