• Daphne de Jong

Optimizing the Hong Kong layover

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

The advantages of a long layover are not always that obvious, but today I was happy with my 11 hour layover in Hong Kong. Not only did I get to fix a crampon issue (I had no idea Hong Kong had such amazing climbing stores), I also got to see my bad-ass friend Annemarie who has been living in Hong Kong for the past years, and understand her life in this vibrant city a bit better.

Hong Kong is much more Western than I thought it'd be and reminded me of Singapore in a way. Obviously I need to come back and explore the mountains surrounding the city since they looked incredible. The city seemed overall clean and filled with interesting shops and restaurants. The contrast between the very green nature surrounding the city and downtown seems significant and interesting.

My preparation for the flight to Hong Kong was not as smooth as I hoped it would be with some late delivered gear items and fun gear 'surprises', but I had 15,5 hours to relax on the plane so it's all good. Now, 34 hours after departing from California, I finally arrived in my hotel in Kathmandu where I will be meeting the rest of the team tomorrow.

Photos: On the ferry to downtown, view from their apartment, Annemarie & I

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