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Next: Greenland!

First of all, apologies for not updating this website sooner but thank you for sticking around.

This year was interesting, it took me longer than expected to process everything that happened on Mt. Everest and I experienced moments of extreme joy, as well as sadness. The beauty of preparing for such a great goal, but also the reminders of the moments I saw other people struggle and of course myself.

I've never felt this humbled by the nature around me and I realize how important it is to have great people around me on such expeditions. I met a great friend on the mountain, Charlotte Austin. Since both of us had mixed feelings regarding the team dynamics on Mt. Everest, we decided to form an all-female team for our next expedition and focus on something bigger than us. Therefore, I'm happy to announce our next expedition!

In May 2020 we will be the first all-female team to attempt the South-North traverse of Greenland.

During one day in July 2019 the Greenland ice sheet lost 12.5 billion tons of ice into the ocean during a heat wave. If the entire ice sheet melted, scientists predict sea levels would rise over 7.5 meters - or over 25 feet. As explorers on the ground on one of the last unmapped regions of the planet we will be first-hand witnesses to the impacts of a warming world.

We’ll do everything in our power to tell this story, and we believe that it will be big — because this is new. No female teams have done this, and we’re here to show that it can be done. For climate change. For the next generation. For women. For our planet.

Our website is:

Please get in touch with questions, ideas, etc., our email address is

Thank you for following me and I'm looking forward to the next expedition!

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