• Daphne de Jong

Lobuche peak & Khumbu Icefall!

The first rotation to Lobuche peak is done! We went from Everest Basecamp to Lobuche Basecamp, where we had one contingency day due to high gusts. Then we made it up to high camp where we woke up early to reach the summit (about 6100 meters). The climb was challenging, with both steep snow walls, as well as ice. The team was well equipped and everyone made it back to Lobuche Basecamp the same day.

Now we're back at Everest Basecamp, where we're preparing for the second rotation, all the way to camp II. I'm excited to be back here, even with the sounds of avalanches and Icefall during the night. It's beautiful!

So far, we finished ladder training and we crossed the Khumbu Icefall, jumping over crevasses and getting up ice walls. It's a big play ground although it's known as an unsafe place, which is definitely noticable. While climbing we could hear the ice and underlaying glacier crack and some parts where we were standing, collapsed. Overall very challenging and I look forward to go back in a few days, weather permitting.

Finally, internet is very unpredictable but everything is well and I feel good about the climb still! And as you can tell... Uploading photos doesn't work too well.


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