• Daphne de Jong

Everest Basecamp, home away from home

We arrived at the Everest Basecamp, where we will spend about 2 months on and off.

The camp is on the Khumbu glacier and it's beautiful. I'm doing well and the acclimitization is good so far. We'll have a few rest days here before we move on.

We have 4 rotations in total. During the first rotation we will climb Lobuche. During the second rotation we will go to camp 2, the third rotation is to camp 3 where we'll sleep without oxygen. The last rotation is to the summit and after each rotation we will come back to basecamp. This means we are planning to cross the Khumbu icefall 6 times in total. Now I'm taking it day by day.

Everyone in our team has nicknames. Mine is Buffy the mountain Slayer. We all wear 'buffs' here against the dry and cold air and to postpone the 'Khumbu cough'.

Until next time!


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