• Daphne de Jong

Contact on the mountain

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Even though I will try my best to keep people updated when I'm gone, it will be very important to be mentally strong! What helps a lot is not only the tremendous support of all the amazing people around me, but also not expressing fear explicitly. What do I mean by that?

There's certain moments in life where you need to be focused on simply getting a task done, eyes on the final goal and in 'focus mode'. In order to get in that mindset, I will need help from people close to me. Staying calm, understanding that no news is good news, trusting me, are very important aspects!

My dear friend Eline Boshuizen will be my main contact point in the Netherlands! Not only is she a very inspiring friend, she's also a very accomplished journalist (see here for more information about her). She will have access to this website and is much much better than I am in phrasing anything really.

I know that Eline can stay calm, rational & supportive and that this will be very difficult for my direct family. I'm happy to introduce you to her!

Photos: the wedding of Eline & Dewi (also a dear friend!), Eline & I on our road trip in California a long long time ago, Eline the producer


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