• Daphne de Jong

Camp II

Aaaand the team made it back from the second rotation! We spent 2 nights in Camp I and 2 nights in Camp II.

In order to get to Camp I, we had to cross the Icefall. Definitely a moving place! In order to get to Camp II we had to cross icewalls and a bigger part of the glacier.

Camp II is definitely beautiful although the nights were very cold and we used our downsuits up there to stay warm. After the second night in Camp II, I went straight to Basecamp, feeling good so far! Of course it takes quite a bit of energy to walk normal on those altitudes, let alone to climb. This is why we will spend some time in Basecamp before our next rotation.

In Basecamp we will get oxygen training and we will prepare for our next rotation. Currently there's a Jetstream over the mountain so we will have to wait until the weather clears anyway. I noticed I find rest days very difficult and need a bit more mental stimulation. I now read Steve Job's biography twice....

I'm a bit nervous for the next rotation but in a good way. Some of us will go straight to Camp II from Basecamp, spend an extra day there, and head up to Camp III. In order to get there we will climb a steep section of 700 meters up the 'Lhotse face' and will spend the night on 7,1 km without oxygen. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime I had the chance to talk to some friends and family members, which has been nice. It's mentally tough at times by being so disconnected and it's a long period of time to focus on this one goal! Thank you all for your support!


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