• Daphne de Jong

Arriving in the Everest region

It's been a very interesting week. In Kathmandu I got to meet the team and I could not be happier to be part of this group. They're from all over the world and have a ton of climbing experience.

In kathmandu I also got to see a friend who I met last time I was in Nepal, I really enjoy those moments!

The highlight was definitely flying into Lukla by helicopter. We got in early and other teams were not able to fly in after us. We aim to arrive at the Everest Basecamp as one of the earlier teams to increase our chances. The summit window is likely shorter than other years because of the high level of snowfall.

We also arrived in Namche where we had a first glimpse of Mt Everest. Most of us got a nasty infection but this happens each year and we're already doing better.


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